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How To Install LaundryPure

  1. Remove unit and all accessories from box.

  2. Level and mount wall bracket to wall either adjacent or behind the washer. Use screws and wall anchors provided.

    Notice where LaundryPure™ attaches to two points at the top of the bracket.\

  3. Slide LaundryPure™ onto the wall bracket.

  4. Remove plastic caps from hose connections on LaundryPure.

  5. Turn off hot and cold water supply valves.

  6. Remove the cold water supply hose from the cold water supply valve and connect it to the output connection on Laundry Pure.
  7. Inspect both ends of the new cold water supply hose to be certain the rubber washer is seated in each end. Connect one end of the new cold water supply hose to the cold water supply valve. Connect the other end to the inlet connection on Laundry Pure.

    NOTE: Vollara provides a rubber cold water supply
  8. Connect your washer's AC plug to the pigtail cord on the bottom of the LaundryPure.

  9. Plug in the power cord provided for LP to the socket on the bottom of the LaundryPure.

  10. Plug the LaundryPure™ into your wall receptacle.

  11. Turn on the cold water supply valve.

  12. That's it. Start enjoying the LaundryPure™ lifestyle!

Precautions: LaundryPure™ must be installed in an upright position, as shown. It cannot be laid on a towel on the dryer for temporary use. Nor can it be installed on the underside of cabinets. For liability reasons, LaundryPure™ cannot be installed by an Vollara dealer. Even though the installation is very easy, each unit must be installed by the customer or by a plumber hired by the customer.