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Home-based businesses are hotter than ever before. It’s the law of supply and demand hard at work. People want to work from home, so the demand for home-business opportunities has skyrocketed. These people are flocking to everything from franchises to network marketing and everything in between. New opportunities crop up every day to meet the requests of these people who desperately want to work from their home office, kitchen table or even living room floor – anywhere but that cubicle in that office building with that boss and those coworkers.

Chances are, you’re one of those individuals on a mission to ditch your job for a better way of life. But can a home-business work for you? Is there really a chance for the ordinary person with extraordinary desire?

Greg Montoya, a successful home-business owner, had been looking for the answer to that question since an early age. All he ever wanted was to have his own business, having dabbled in self-employment with a paper route and selling candy bars as a child.

But, he learned in school that the acceptable way to earn a living as an adult was through traditional employment, not by wasting his time on money-making opportunities that seemed to have no future.

So he took a job as a machinist, referring to the position as “the safety zone.” It paid well and the money was even better after he celebrated a hard-earned promotion to management. But, as happens to thousands of people every day, a new administration took over the company and Greg’s life changed dramatically.

They brought along someone else for his management position, so they gave him his old position as a machinist along with a reduced salary. This left him feeling betrayed and defeated. “Over 10 years worth of loyal service down the drain,” remembers Greg. “I resolved right then that no one would ever control my paycheck again. The thought of spending the rest of my life working for other people only to make them rich made me feel ill.”

Those sentiments were shared by Jon Bender, an engineer turned entrepreneur, who eventually became Greg’s business partner. Jon got tired of making money for other people shortly after graduating from college, so he started a publishing company. A little later, he designed and marketed a unique product that would wind up costing him everything he owned.

“We sold it in national catalogs and on TV and radio; it was a great product that won many awards, but the majority of the market just didn’t want it,” says Jon. “I was crushed. I lost over one million dollars and learned a very hard lesson – you have to sell a product people want to buy.” He adds that aside from the monetary loss, it was painful personally, because he’d made the number one mistake an entrepreneur can make, “I fell in love with my own product.”

Jon was devastated; he’d lost all of his investments and everything he’d made in his other jobs. He was about to get married, so he sold his new car and bought the only thing he could afford – an $800 Chevy Nova. He loaded up his credit cards with debt, including the expenses for his wedding. Looking around at his situation, he couldn’t believe what he saw. This was not at all where he wanted to be in life.

This shock that both Greg and Jon felt about the way their lives were going eventually wore off. It was replaced by the determination to get back on track and reclaim their lives.

Greg started by researching all the home-business opportunities he could find and ended up getting involved with our company, a company that markets a unique compact air purification product that can actually penetrate walls, ceilings and floors. The product is known for purifying air without the use of air filters and also for eliminating cigarette smoke and odors. It can even kill surface mold, mildew and viruses.

He launched his business by selling the air purifiers and then began to systematically build it by finding and teaching others to duplicate his success. “I saw the benefits first-hand. I knew it was both a product and an opportunity to help others get what they want,” says Greg.

A mutual friend introduced Jon to Greg, who then introduced Jon to business opportunity. Jon admits to being an “ultra skeptic” about the business to the point where he let others influence his decision.

At first it sounded great to him. Greg explained the air purifier and business system to him, and he placed an order for units right away. “I charged...them to my credit card, without even seeing or using one,” Jon remembers. “I went to lunch with my engineering friends afterwards and told them about it. They all looked at me and said, ‘What, are you stupid?’”

Doubt settled in, so Jon quit before he started by canceling his order. But he says he immediately felt sick about it, knowing it was the wrong choice. “For once in my life I wanted to see something through, so I called back and reordered my machines. It really scares me to think about how I wouldn’t have made the money I have or touched the thousands of people I have today if I hadn’t faced my fear and reordered,” he says.

A Recipe for Creating Wealth From Home™

There’s a reason Greg and Jon were able to bounce back with such force – they had a system for success. They were motivated by others’ stories of success, but didn’t have their own victories until they developed what Jon refers to as “the missing link” – a system that could work for virtually anyone.

“It’s a proven recipe that mixes the ingredients of a great product and a solid company into a duplicatable system that gives an honest-to-goodness shot at financial freedom,” explains Jon.

The system Greg and Jon put together, after working closely with a handful of marketing and technology specialists, is Creating Wealth From Home™ (“CWFH™”). It’s comprised of seven key steps that anyone can follow to get a business off the ground or revitalize an existing one. Click here for: Step-by-Step: Seven Keys to Success

Greg and Jon worked with these specialists to combine their knowledge and develop a turnkey system that would become known as the “success cycle™” for the people they introduced to the opportunity. Greg says, “Because most people operate on proof rather than faith, our system is designed to develop immediate cash flow and immediate results.”

Jon adds, “Today, thousands of people are using it to build their business. And many of them have reached top levels in our company because of it.”

Josh Perry, who has been ranked number one in the company for sales, believes the Creating Wealth From Home™ system made all the difference in his business. “What I love most about the business is we really have something for everyone,” he shares. “If a person just wants to retail, they can market the technology and make a full-time income on part-time effort, but if someone wants financial independence, they can use our proven success cycle. Creating Wealth From Home™ gives a person the confidence and security to go full speed ahead!”

Our company dealers are singing the praises of this system, including Paul Svetz who was an integral part in helping refine the work Greg and Jon had been doing. When Paul first learned about the system they were creating, he felt a connection with them.

“I was thinking about the same kinds of things Greg and Jon were putting together,” he says, adding that he’d seen Greg and Jon on a TV infomercial at one point. He did some research on them and their business opportunity and liked what he saw. “We have similar thinking and it just made sense to me.”

Key Ingredients: Product and Company

Greg and Jon caution that it’s important to start the success cycle with a product that people want to buy, something Jon had learned the hard way. According to them, there are five characteristics to look for in a product: Is it proprietary? In other words, is it something unique that will yield substantial profits from a single sale?

Does it solve a common problem? "One that already exists, not what you create or perceive to be a problem," adds Jon. Does it solve that problem quickly? Easily?

And the clincher: Does it render more value than the customer pays for it? "This is the genesis behind the word of mouth referrals," he says citing movies as an example. "If you go to a movie and feel you've gotten more entertainment beyond the five to six dollars you spent, then you're going to tell others, encouraging them to see it."

Greg notes that their company and their state-of-the-art air purifying units met all five criteria, which is what sold him on the business in the first place. The problem of indoor pollution is huge and is only getting worse. He shares that their unique air purifiers combat indoor air pollution in people's homes, offices, stores and even cars and airplanes. And they can do it within as little as a few minutes of use.

When Greg got a unit from Shar Weinrauch, another top leader and Creating Wealth From Home™ user, during the risk free evaluation period, he immediately saw the value behind the technology and knew others would feel the same way.

Adding to the Mix

But having a great product and company isn't enough, according to Greg who says in order to succeed you also need to understand key fundamentals of building wealth. He boils it down to this: Anyone can market their product and make a great living. But the riches are in using leverage and marketing the opportunity to market the product.

"McDonald's is the perfect example," he says. "You have those that buy a McDonald's franchise to own and operate and make a nice income. Then there are those who buy the franchise, working long enough to understand the business and then buy more franchises, hiring managers to run them."

"If you do the latter, you can become rich by helping your managers succeed. And that's what we focus on with Creating Wealth From Home™."

Combine Ingredients, Mix Well

Greg and Jon are proud of The Creating Wealth From Home™ system because it has a unique built-in support program designed to provide daily, ongoing training, education, personalized coaching/mentoring and momentum techniques to help newcomers reach their own success goals.

"It's just like attending a college or university designed for success, but you do it from the comfort of your own home; and our high support level reassures new partners that they are not in this business by themselves," says Greg.

The challenge for anyone when starting any home-based business is knowing where to begin. Do you place ads first? Or should you call people instead? Should you get a voicemail number? What about a web site, will you need one?

Most business opportunities have a manual or a collection of ideas and pointers on how to run your business, but Greg and Jon have found that not many of them actually offer a step-by-step plan that anyone can implement. That's why they put one together.

The results of blending the ingredients in this recipe has been success for those who want success. A prime example that Greg and Jon share is their company's number three ranked dealer in sales, Sharon Gold. Blind since birth, Sharon has overcome odds and proven that there are no limits to what a determined person with the right tools can achieve.

"When someone says you can't do something you can believe them, or you don't have to believe them. I have spent all of my life proving what is possible and I have discovered everything is possible," reveals Sharon. "The only true impairment that limits ones' success is the way they think. This business is about helping people. If you help enough people, the money will come. Greg, Jon and I are intent on helping others; it is our mission to show others how to succeed and get their lives back."

Greg and Jon know it's important to have a game plan to follow, and that's why they feel so great knowing that thousands of people have benefited from their system. "We give them valuable guidance on how to run their business. And as we've witnessed time and again, it's truly a system for almost everyone – especially the ordinary person – to have success," says Jon.